About Me

You might say that I can be considered a 'safe pair of hands' with many (10+) years consultancy experience. I work in a manner that works towards long-term growth, not just short-term goals . That is to say my work is Google guideline compliant: many of my competitors' work is not. The proof of this is I have been asked only once to remove just 1 inbound link I built and no client of mine has been been penalised by Google (formally or otherwise) as a result of my work.

I established my business in 2008, and have been servicing clients clients worldwide - focusing locally on the London, Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Berkshire and Hampshire areas of the UK ever since.

I've taught, spoken or facilitated round table discussions at events & institutions including the following: Richmond (American International University in London), Outreach Digital (London), Breaking Borders (Reading), Measurecamp (London), Barcamp (Southampton) etc.

I offer a range of Internet Marketing and Advertising services, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Strategy, Linkbuilding & Pay Per Click Click Advertising on Google Adwords.

Contact me via cwjbyrne at outlook.com or 01252 757562 for more information.