The importance of Google My Business reviews and your online reputation

R.e. the importance of Google Map reviews and your online reputation in a Google-dominated search market like the UK.

Data on the frequency of the different features integrated in Google Search (e.g. photos / images etc) from based on sampling 2.5M search queries on 7/29/21 showed that around 1 in 3 (32%) of Google results contain Google Map results. See .

    Optimising your Google Map (aka Google My Business) visibility can potentially offer opportunities to rank organically (without paying Google for each and every click with their advertising) where your website may not rank in the first page of 10 'blue link list' results (below the Map listings).

   The graph below from May 2022 shows Google Map ranking data for the Central London location of my solicitor client for their core key phrase. Where the ranking is 3rd or higher this Google My Business listing will part of the "3 pack of Map" listings integrated into first page of Google results (data from 3 mile radius approx of the business location):

Graph showing Google Map visibility for search "employment solicitors" in Central London