Affordable Freelancer (White Label) SEO Packages (inc. audits, training & reporting) 

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is not voodoo. I say this even though I started my (full-time) career in SEO at a company called Voodoo back in 2006. Google even produce guidance for us on the subject .

 I have over 16 years of blended expertise as a digital marketing and advertising strategist, with expertise in the following services: online brand strategy, PPC advertising (on Google, Linkedin, Bing, Yahoo & Amazon), ecommerce optimisation, business analysis, web analytics, reputation management, content creation, lead generation, SEO / PPC / Google Analytics (white label) audits & reporting and conversation rate optimisation.

   I offer a personal service with no outsourcing and one point of contact (me!). My work as a freelancer is totally transparent - I try to communicate (face to face as appropriate) in as plain English as possible and share ALL my techniques with my clients. I do NOT use (and NEVER have used) any 'black hat' techniques which may damage your brand, website and business (permanently). 

 I can help by defining the 'big picture' and online strategy, right down to getting involved in link building. 

 I have worked as an Adwords & Analytics Certified Individual as have I passed both of the following exams:

    I am also a Registered Learning Provider in the UK for my Training Services.

  I offer freelance (white label) SEO services, including audits & reporting (available as reseller packages for agencies).

   I'm available for confidential auditing of your brand's SEO and PPC performance . This can include reviewing your current SEO team or agency's practices (in the light of Google's guidelines - my work is generally focused on Google as the dominant search engine in the UK) & results.

I don't promise you "the moon on a stick". In general, I start with a SEO / Social Media / Content Strategy / Pay Per Click advertising (as appropriate) audit report . This is to educate clients about what is required to help them achieve (or work towards) their online goals within the timescale they define (as SEO success in competitive niches is a team effort).  This to enable you to understand what is required for your business to get leads / sales online. This is likely to involve your company making your website interesting, unique, useful & shareable - and sharing the content and interacting in the appropriate places online. I can guide you and assist you with this. It is possible to create a content strategy that is not very labour intensive for your organisation!

This can include the following:

2. Review of any possible legacy effects of any previous SEO work which may have lead to ranking drops and manual penalties from Google

3. Definition of SEO / Social Media / Content Strategy for Google, Yahoo & Bing

4. Keyword Research  based on Google search data 

5. Auditing of Adwords campaigns

6. Online content / lead generation strategy

7. Online reputation review and strategies to get online reviews for your business

8. Best practice guidelines and disciplines for online content (including International SEO for multi-lingual and multi-national websites)

9. Recommendations e.g. for conversion rate optimisation, site speed, (smartphone) user experience & accessibility of site

10. SEO / PPC competitor / market analyses - looking at their competitors sites' compliance with search engine guidelines and analysing their current activity / visibility online. This can include examining competitors' compliance with Google Webmaster Guidelines.

11. Local SEO strategy for Google Map / Yahoo / Bing

12. Written audit report

13. Meeting / phone call to go over my report in detail.

14. Plan of ongoing SEO / PPC consultancy work & action (including building links to your site) based on your  goals / timescales. 

    In short, if you don't have an online marketing / advertising strategy (or are over dependent on Google Adwords for your online traffic) ask me for one! I can train your staff too.

    Tools I use include Google Keyword Planner / Analytics / Webmaster Tools / Page Speed / Global Market Finder, Zoompf, Searchmetrics, Similarweb, Buzzsumo, Link Research Tools, Screaming Frog SEO Spider, Semrush, Sort Site, Spyfu, Majestic SEO & Ahrefs among many others.

    I can set up and manage Google Adwords advertising  campaigns too.

   I don't offer promises of obtaining rankings within a certain timescale. No one can guarantee a top 10 ranking on Google. Some SEOs might promise to rank you highly in search engines like Google instantly, but place you in the ads section where you have to pay for every click rather than in the 'organic' search results. 

 I do not offer "bury the bad news"-type online reputation management services but can help you if a competitor is attempting to 'blacken your name' or negatively affect  your search engine rankings with Negative SEO techniques .

My ongoing work 

    This (based on your CMS, goals, timescales & budget) can include personlised packages which can include :

1. inbound link building. (This is my specialism. I do not buy / sponsor links or spam blog comments. My work is compliant with Google Webmaster Guidelines)

2. copy writing

3. meta information / h1 / site content optimisation

4. blogger outreach / content creation

5. Adwords management

6. Google My Business optimisation etc

7. (Monthly) reporting & training as required

    There are other (white hat) practices which I won't detail here which can give competitive advantage. I do not do blog spam, buy sponsor / links, use private blog networks or other link schemes.

   I usually start with 1 to 2 days work per month for 3-6 months (then we can review progress). I detail all work done in my reports (including every link built) and have never outsourced any of my work! R.e. pricing - I'm affordable but not cheap :) .

   Here's some guidance from Google on hiring a SEO: .

    I can work on site in the London and South East region of the UK (if mutually convenient) and try to work flexibly to best help my clients.