What do people search for with their voice using Google Home?

Post date: Jul 7, 2017 8:23:38 AM

Google Assistant is a virtual personal assistant developed by Google. Unlike Google Now, Google Assistant can engage in two-way conversations. Assistant initially debuted as part of Google's messaging app Allo, and its voice-activated speaker Google Home.

Google Home helps with tasks such as controlling lights (Phillips Hue and more), playing quizzes, watching YouTube videos on your connected devices and more.

By using Google's Keyword Planner and the free data available from http://keywordtool.io/ (a tool based on Google's Autocomplete suggestions) we can do keyword research see some of what people searching for using their voices using Google Home .

You can say “Hey Google” as well as “OK Google” to activate the Google Assistant on Google Home.

The list of phrases at the bottom of the page is a list of (voice) search phrases / commands containing with the words “Hey Google” and is not an exhaustive list of searches using Google Home on Google. It's not exhaustive as you can also start searches with “OK Google” and it's possible to switch on Google Assistant, pause and then do a search.

What might people search for with their voice on their competitor Amazon Echo might be similar...