My Competitors Offering SEO Services Never Cease To Amaze

Post date: Apr 5, 2017 9:19:58 AM

Along with the day to day stuff they do my competitors in the SEO industry never cease to amaze. By the way, this is no claim to ever having been 'whiter than white'! I think (with over 14 years of inbound link building experience) inbound link building often quickly becomes 'grey hat'.

  1. An agency in Brighton using stock images to create a fictional staff member . They could hide from Google Images, but not from

  2. A Google Map listing for an agency in Leeds where ¾ of the reviews were from their own staff (I confirmed this via Linkedin) :)

  3. A SEO 'company' in Reading, Berkshire (appears to be just a 'one man band' sole trader) who gave himself a testimonial on his own website! He used the same photo on his Twitter...

  4. This SEO company gave themselves a review on the Google Map...