My top 5 takeaways from Brighton SEO

Post date: Jul 20, 2015 7:25:53 AM

My top 5 takeaways from the Brighton SEO conferences:

1. My daily free cup of coffee from Waitrose using my Waitrose Card.

2. Any decent freebies from the exhibitor stands (pretty thin on the ground - a big SEO agency was handing out case studies many years old at a recent conference - would the results still be current?). I've stopped taking pens due to oversupply. Don't want to look like an anachronism with my paper and pen ;)

3. Some business cards I probably won't look at again.

4. Burger King Whopper Meal (with a voucher they're always better value)

5. A discarded Brighton SEO Goodie bag. Well the bag will come in useful ;)

In all seriousness, Brighton SEO has been getting much better over the years and tickets will go in minutes. A good variety of presentations, no sales talk and plenty of actionable insights. All for free! Similar conferences can cost £400 per day...

P.S. I wrote this before finding out another wag had tried to do the same thing...