How are the top 10 UK PR agencies ranking on Google?

Post date: Jul 22, 2015 4:26:46 PM


According to the ballpark, approximate data from the online competitor analysis tool, 6/10 of the top UK PR agencies by fee income are not ranking in the top 10 on for any service-related core key phrases (i.e. non-brand related searches).

In short, many of these companies do not seem to understand / place great importance on optimising their online visibility and thus could be doing more to optimise their respective online presences. They may also have had Google take action on their sites for a variety of reasons including the Google 'Panda' and 'Penguin' updates - I have not done an analysis of this. For example, it appears seems the Brunswick Group would benefit from segmenting content for each target market (e.g. US, UK etc) on the site and creating a multi-regional and multilingual site:*

*Google is not the dominant search engine in all of their markets, nor is English the only language people who search for their services will use on search engines in these markets.

The top 10 UK PR agencies by Fee income (£k) 2014

* Some of these firms have more than one site, so this research is based on the one I found when typing their name into Google.

** From June 2015 data

Based on