False Claim on winner of The Apprentice Mark Wright's Climb Online PPC & SEO agency site?

Post date: Jul 15, 2015 2:39:00 PM

On hXXp://climb-online.co.uk/organic-climber (I've deliberately broken the link) as part of what would appear to be the detail on their "Organic SEO Services & Packages" it states that:

"Trademark registrations ensure that you rank at the top of search engine results when your trademark is searched by your customers"

This is simply not true when it comes to 'organic' (i.e. non-paid) search engine results!

This content also appears on their PPC service page (hXXp://climb-online.co.uk/paid-climber/) where it makes more sense! In Google Adwords, Google will investigate and may restrict the unauthorised use of a trademark within ad text. Ads using restricted trademarks in their ad text may not be allowed to run. This policy applies worldwide. https://support.google.com/adwordspolicy/answer/6118?hl=en-GB. This content appears (to be also part of the template) on their Social Media service page too.

It appears that this claim may be a design issue / error on the site, where irrelevant content is added to certain pages as part of the template. Why has nobody on the Climb Online / hXXp://madebyshape.co.uk (their web designers) staff flagged this up?

Before you ask, YES I spotted this months ago when the site was launched. I didn't want add any oxygen of publicity to what was to me at the time quite laughable. I w0ndered how long that content would last before it was removed...

See screenshot taken 15.7.15 below: