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My Competitors Never Cease To Amaze

posted 5 Apr 2017, 02:19 by C Byrne   [ updated 5 Apr 2017, 02:27 ]

Along with the day to day stuff they do my competitors never cease to amaze. By the way, this is no claim to ever having been 'white than white'! I think with 10 years of inbound link building experience inbound link building often quickly becomes 'grey hat'.

  1. An agency in Brighton using stock images to create a fictional staff member
  2. A Google Map listing for an agency in Leeds were ¾ of the reviews were from their own staff (I confirmed this via Linkedin) :)
  3. A SEO 'company' in Reading (appears to be just a 'one man band' sole trader) who gave himself a testimonial on his own website!