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Sample Ecommerce Website SEO / PPC SWOT Analysis

posted 13 Dec 2016, 09:15 by C Byrne   [ updated 13 Dec 2016, 09:25 ]
  •  Strengths
  •  Weaknesses
  •  OK organic visibility on Google in UK (according to data) with opportunity to enhance this
  • Online content creation program in place (e.g. YouTube / blog on site)
  • No legacy issues with links to the site (based on / data)
  •  Historic large use / 'reliance' (?) on AdWords in UK (from data). Potential lack of targeting for what I'm assuming is a recent YouTube ad campaign
  • Content creation program appears to be mainly self-promotional, rather than “link worthy / interesting / useful / shareable”-type
  • Low number of products listed in Google shopping (<100)
  • Some of the links/buttons on the homepage for example may be too small for a user to easily tap on a smartphone touchscreen.
  • No evidence of blog content being shared on social media (from data)
  • People engaging with YouTube content e.g. has 750k (paid?) views in 2 months (but this video's description doesn't link to the site)
  • Apparent Google indexation issues

 Opportunities Threats
  •  Selling ('clearance') on Amazon (possibly the major shopping search engine in the UK? - research suggests this is the case in the US)
  • Selling ('clearance') on Ebay
  • In-depth analysis & reporting of competitor's violations of Google guidelines
  • Link building to blog content & site: 78 domains currently link to site – 1.2k domains link to competitor (data from
  • Integration of global websites into 1 as part of global SEO strategy
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  •  Online ad blocking
  • Amazon / Amazon Prime / Amazon Lockers
  • Ebay / Ebay Collection at Argos

This is an analysis of (replace the numbers '0' in the URL with the letter 'o' - I have anonymised the URL).