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I'm a freelance Search Engine Optimisation / Pay Per Click advertising consultant working in the London/ Surrey area. I have over a decade of blended experience in digital marketing and advertising, with expertise in SEO, PPC, analytics, reputation management, copy writing, lead generation and conversation rate optimisation – from defining the ‘big picture’ and strategy, right down to getting involved in link building.  I have passed both of the following exams:

  1. the Adwords Professional Certification from Google (my registration was tied to an email address in my last salaried role and has now lapsed). This was way back in 2008.
  2. the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (click here to view my certification status online) 

I'm also a Registered Learning Provider in the UK for my Training Services.

I don't pretend to be a company or agency like some other 'one-man bands'. I've been freelance full-time since 2008 with over 10 years professional experience with well over twice the professional experience of the average agency / in-house SEO staff member according to this survey. The senior manager (even managing director) at your SEO agency may only have a maximum of 3.5 years industry experience according to the above survey. I'd advise checking out their online professional profiles...

My direct SEO & PPC client list past & present as a freelancer includes the following companies:
  • Mediacom (UK's largest media agency and part of GroupM / WPP)
  • Cubiks
  • London Calling Arts
  • Tag Hotels
  • Kelly Storage
  • SThree
  • Crowe Clark Whitehill
  • Citibase PLC
  • Travel Weekly Group 

I offer services including confidential auditing of your company's SEO and PPC performance . This can include reviewing your current SEO team or agency's practices (in the light of Google's guidelines - my work is generally focused on Google as the dominant search engine in the UK) & results.Here is my Linkedin profile for case studies etc. If you add me you can see my testimonials. Here's some of this site's current rankings on Unlike many SEO's working in the field pre-2012, I have never bought or swapped a link in my life...

This site may look a little plain :) but I made it myself using some great secure hosting from Google Sites and as you can probably tell I'm not a web designer and I have absolutely no use for a logo or a brand! I specially constructed this to load quickly without large images ;) ! And all I had to do was tick a box to make it smartphone-friendly!