Internet Marketing / SEO London Surrey

Freelance Content Strategist & SEO Specialist for London and UK.

Please contact Christopher Byrne to discuss your project via 01252 757562 or info (at) (not a typo!) 

I don’t rely on sales calls or waffly business networking (sales people trying to sell to another sales person). I haven't advertised or done any paid marketing for myself for around 4 years. 

Please let me know how you found me - including the exact search term if possible! 

The brightonseo 2013 UK SEO Salary Survey states freelancers have longer professional experience (an average of 5 years) than agency staff. I've over twice the professional experience of the average agency / in-house SEO staff member according to this survey.

This site may look a little plain :) but I made it myself using Google Sites and I'm not a web designer! You might have the prettiest, flashy website but if it's not visible in search results and won't convert visitors to leads / purchasers then you are as good as dead and buried in the search results - unless you want to pay for every click to your site with Google Adwords advertising.  This site may not even be considered my main web presence - that is my Linkedin profile. This site still ranks well for a few key terms:

I work from the Surrey / Hampshire borders area with easy access to the London & South UK area including Guildford, Reading, Crawley, Brighton, Portsmouth, Bristol, Plymouth and beyond.

I've been freelance since 2008 (over 5 years) with 7+ years professional experience, and I am not available for full-time (contract) work. I've worked on sites affected by the Google 'Panda' and 'Penguin' updates (not as a result of my work!) including one with an Unnatural Link Warning and penalty (which is now lifted) & another with what appeared to be 'Negative SEO' (possibly from a competitor).

I've even been engaged by various competitors in Surrey and Sussex to optimise and build links to their sites. Doh! - but one can't turn down work...

I have a track record of helping (ecommerce) clients obtain Top 10 positions accross the major search engines in competitive areas including professional services, double glazing, insurance etc.

Brands and companies I have worked on / for in my time in online marketing / SEO include Mediacom (
UK's largest media agency),  Yamaha Music UK, Robert Dyas, Heals, Travel Weekly Group, Starcom MediaVest Group (world's largest media agency and part of Publicis - one of the top 5 advertising agencies worldwide), Jordans (UK's number one company formation agent) etc. I am not able to list all the brands / companies I have worked on due to non-disclosure agreements.

I have worked as a Certified Google Adwords Professional and my expertise is in search engine optimisation (using a content management system), experienced in online strategy research / analysis / definition for businesses of all sizes (up to a turnover of £100 million per year), pay per click advertising, copywriting etc. I have managed and advised on (international) pay per click advertising campaigns with variable budgets of up to £1000 per day.