SEO / Digital Strategy / Ecommerce & Lead Generation Case Studies

Here are some recent SEO, Digital Strategy, Lead Generation & Ecommerce case studies.

Note that some of the case studies below are based on the ranking database, which doubled to over 12 million key words & phrases in March 2016. The range of rankings recorded also changed from 1st-20th to 1st-100th at the same time.

Please note that you may need to create a free Semrush account to view the data on the Semrush site. SEO - 2019 - date

My ongoing work for this further & higher education provider started in Sept 2019 and I've done 10 days work to date (Feb 2021) which has included work on another of their websites. This work included strategic advice, on-page optimisation, inbound link building & content syndication.

Here's their organic rankings for their current core key phrases from a test location of Birmingham, UK.

They are London-based and these results vary slightly around the UK from my in-depth testing, but from a test from the search locations of the major UK cities they rank 3rd or higher for ‘cipd level 3' nationwide. They rank first for this phrase in London, Manchester, Southampton, Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Belfast, Plymouth, Hull & Aberdeen! In the locations they rank first now they outrank (the site of Chartered Institute of Personnel Development for these searches too . The CIPD is the only HR and L&D professional body that can award Chartered Member or Chartered Fellow grade to individual HR and L&D professionals .

For example here's the results from Birmingham: SEO Consultancy 2019-date

I helped launch this Private Client Solicitor site in May 2019 and according to the rankings have been in flux with rankings in the top 10 on Google UK for the general term 'wills and probate solicitors' ( for which there 480 searches per month on GOOG in UK) as well as 'wills solicitors london' (170 searches per month) which were established but have slipped at time of writing.

This site is currently (November 2020) ranking in the top 10 on Google UK for 'probate solicitors london' (90 searches per month). This data does not include Google Map rankings.

My work has included SEO strategy definition, creation of Google Map listings and manual inbound link building.

I have only done around 2 days work on this site thus far (I have also been working on their 2 sister sites). My work is ongoing and includes on-page optimisation in the plan of work (this has been implemented thus far along similar lines to the sister sites).

I have worked alongside the web designers on this. SEO Consultancy 2016

In early 2016 I assisted their web design agency with a redesign of (launched on 22/03/2016), the main website of one of the UK's largest providers of serviced office space to SME firms.

This alongside strategic advice including highlighting major issues with their Google Map listings which they began to resolve internally contributed to Citibase's best ever sales quarter with revenue from new contracts surging more than three-fold in the three months to the 31st of July 2016 (click to view story on the Evening Standard website).

This also has resulted in the number of phrases they are ranking for in the top 100 results on increasing from 577 in Feb 2016 to 744 in Sept 2016 (an increase of around 1/3) according to Semrush data:

This work did not include inbound link building and was 2 days in total.

Smartdebit SEO & PPC Consultancy 2018

In 2017-2018 I assisted this financial services company with their SEO & PPC efforts including link building and strategic advice. This 7.5 days work contributed to the following results:

The number of Goal Completions from Organic Traffic for the period of my link building work thus far (Sep 15, 2017 - Jan 24, 2018) compared to the previous period May 6 - Sep 14, 2017 was up 10% .

The number of Goal Completions from Referral Traffic was up too (2%) for the same period.

The number of phrases the site is ranking for in the top 100 results on is up 55% (from data) from 613 in May 2017 to 955 Jun 2018 - see .

(name redacted due to Non-Disclosure Agreement) SEO Consultancy 2016

In August 2016 I assisted a Hampshire b2b marketing agency with optimisation of the main international corporate website for a leading global supplier of petro-chemicals, with sales today of over £30 billion. I did an in-depth SEO, content performance & analytics review which highlighted issues with the site's server etc.

This 4 days work contributed to the following results:

- an increase in the number of phrases the site is ranking for in the top 100 results on of around 40% (from data)


We have also seen a similar rise on SEO Consultancy 2016

In early 2016 I was asked by Sussex Websites to assist with the re-launch of Skinners Sheds online: their old website ( was going to be redirected to a redesigned site on a new domain (

This was part of a total of 4 days work (this work is paused at time of writing) including:

1. SEO strategic review inc. review of new site

2. Building Google friendly links to the old & new sites, Youtube content etc

3. Optimisation / revision of all 20 location business listings on the Google Map as these are often integrated into search results e.g. adding county of locations where it was not present. Some locations were listed under the name of the village they were in rather than village / nearest town so this was corrected.

4. Review of Yell listings inc. submission of missing listing

5. Optimisation of Youtube content

The number of phrases the site was ranking for in the top 100 results on in February 2016 according to Semrush was 1,413. ranked for 2,390 phrases in the top 100 results on in June 2016 - an improvement of around 50% in just 4 months. Semrush ranking data includes Google local map listings.

View the data here:

In terms of search engine visibility an approximate value for the equivalent Adwords cost for visitors coming to organically in Sept 2016, based on the cost of the same number of visitors generated through Adwords according to Semrush is around $14,695 at time of writing (20.10.16). View data here: . - equivalent advertising value for SEO visibility 2016

I have worked for TAG Hotels on a freelance basis since 2010, assisting them with SEO, PPC etc.

In terms of search engine visibility an approximate value for the equivalent Adwords cost for visitors coming to organically in June 2016, based on the cost of the same number of visitors generated through Adwords according to Semrush is $26K.

This will include branded traffic (online travel agents are bidding on permutations of the hotel name). Semrush estimates 53% traffic is non-branded.

aviator by tag

View the data here: & SEO Consultancy 2016

Here are the results of my 8 days work (4 days on each - this included PPC set up / enhancement and the first day for each was a site / strategy review) in total for these arts marketing agency websites:

At time of writing (6.11.16) is ranking 'organically' in the top 10 on for the general term “arts marketing” (with the search location set as the UK).

At time of writing (6.11.16) & are both in the top 5 on for “arts marketing agency” (with the search location set as UK).

R.e. Baseline Search Engine Rankings – the only significant rankings I could find for both sites were (after link building work had begun on the sites on 23.7.15) were 36th for 'arts marketing' and 33rd for 'arts marketing agency' for on

All search rankings may be personalised to some degree but I tested rankings on 11.11.16 with to depersonalise them. The baseline rankings were generated with

Content Marketing of Content I Have Written

Please note I did not (nor did anyone else on my behalf) buy shares of the content below. I simply created content by sharing my knowledge and postedlinks to my blog in places where it was of interest (e.g. & and thus was shared by readers of these sites!

In 2016 I posted an article from my blog on Twitter and technology news sharing site which proved popular leading to many shares on Twitter and Facebook:

See SEO Consultancy 2015

In late 2015 I was engaged by Insider London's marketing agency to review & define the search engine optimisation strategy for the website of this alternative London tour guide. This was 1 day of work. Since then in just 15 months the number of phrases the site is ranking for in the top 100 results on has doubled according to from 1,775 in Feb 2016 to 3,543 in July 2017. See data here: SEO Consultancy 2017

I was approached by a digital marketing in France to assist with the keyword research & SEO strategy review for the train and travel agency services of France's largest e-commerce site ( for the UK market. This was part of a project for 15 countries in total, with the UK version as the model to follow for other languages. This research was in part to guide the writing the Titles, H1s and Meta Descriptions of c.300 key pages on the site.

This work contributed to the following results: when the work started in December 2016 the site was ranking for around 21K key phrases in top 100 results of Google according to . In November 2017 this number was 26K (an increase of around 25% in around a year) . November 2017 was the time the site was migrated to a new domain: . / SEO & PPC Consultancy (Local) SEO 2017 - ongoing

1. Since my work commenced approximately 1 year ago from my tests in April 2018 there has been a marked improvement in Google organic visibility for the family and employment law websites of this firm of solicitors. Top 10 rankings (Google Map rankings detailed separately below) have been established for the following phrases since my work began (this does not include Google Map rankings as my tool does not report them):

'employment solicitors london city'

'employment solicitors sussex'

'employment solicitors kent'

'employment solicitors surrey'

'family solicitors hammersmith'

'family solicitors west end'

'family solicitors dartford'

'family solicitors sevenoaks'

'family solicitors tonbridge'

'family solicitors tunbridge wells'

Note the above is not a list of all the phrases they are ranking for - just the one I've helped obtain.

First place on the Google Map (on the first page of 'normal' search results) has been established (from baseline of no first page visibility) for following key phrases locally (note the baseline was measured in November 2017 - these local Google Map visibility tests using are not perfect– e.g. Kingston, Surrey isn’t available as a search location so I used Greater London):

‘family solicitors sevenoaks’

‘employment solicitors heathrow’

‘employment solicitors liverpool st’

First page Map visibility has been established (from baseline of no first page visibility) for following key phrases:

‘family solicitors tunbridge wells’

‘employment solicitors canary wharf’

‘employment solicitors hammersmith’

First Map place / page visibility has been established (from baseline of no First page visibility) for following key phrases:

‘employment solicitors bromley’

The combination of SEO (normal results & map listings) & PPC is giving total domination of all first 3 paid and unpaid results for certain key phrases (e.g. ‘employment solicitors dartford’) in certain location(s) at time of writing.

2. From a test in multiple locations in / beyond central London (an area of 10 square miles approximately), UK on 6.7.20 using the local SEO ranking tool , my client Thomas Mansfield's ( ) business Google Map location at Artillery Lane, Spitalfields is ranking first to third in Google My Business aka Map listings for their core key phrase ‘employment solicitors’ . There are around 16 competitors in the area marked with white pins (this may not be a complete list as competitors may be obscured by the green pins / not be listed under the correct categories / listed on the GOOG Map at all).

These search results are often displayed with the first three listings at the very top of organic results! See a sample search result from the E1 area below using Google Ad Preview tool here: .

The test locations are marked below with green pins with the ranking on top (& the Artillery Lane business location is marked in the centre of the map below with a blue pin):